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Dear voter, thank you for visiting our campaign website to learn more about me.

I was elected to serve as councilman for the City of Redlands in 2016. I enjoy serving my community and working hard to achieve my campaign priorities as well as representing our residents. Serving as a councilman is a part-time job that requires a full-time commitment. This means that I must maintain a full-time job outside of being a councilman in order to provide a sustainable income for my family. https://www.cityofredlands.org/post/council-member-eddie-tejeda

I am employed as a special education teacher and work with children who have moderate to severe learning disabilities, autism, Down syndrome, specific learning disability, speech and language impairment, or other birth related disabilities just to name a few. I love working with this student population because they show so much joy attending school every day and it puts things into perspective for those of us who do not experience life with a disability. Prior to teaching, I worked my way up the corporate ladder for a national drugstore retailer.

My personal life includes being married to my wonderful wife and greatest supporter. I have three children from a prior marriage. Growing up, nothing was ever given to me. I worked every summer with my father. He gave me the work ethic and discipline that I have today. I believe that my life experiences show that I know what it's like to work long hours and get my hands dirty not only for my profession but also to support my family, pay the bills and put food on the table.

I'm running for Supervisor because I believe that my experiences combined demonstrate that I understand the needs of our residents throughout the County and moreover in the 3rd district. It is my intention to use these experiences to inform my decision making to support the residents across the County. http://www.sbcounty.gov/Uploads/BOS/bosdistricts/SupervisorialDistrictseffective10-27-2011DETAIL.pdf

I humbly ask you for your vote so that together we can make our government process more effective for you. Please consider making a contribution if you believe our campaign reflects your values and beliefs by clicking the GIVE button. Hosting a meet and greet event is also very helpful as well as suggesting our campaign to family and friends. Thank you.

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